What we do


Why do you think a majority of modern electronic products are produced in China? Because nowhere else you get a concentration of know-how, speed on delivery, tech-facilities to a price, people are able to pay.

So, when looking for the right production site, we went to China. We visited a number of facilities that fit our criteria and that could potentially work with us.

And finally, we found it.

Production standards

The particular factory was chosen because of its high standards in regard to product testing and quality assurance. The factory has over a number of years specialized in the particular electronics we were looking for. To us and our new company, it was crucial that we teamed up with people we could trust, that was seriously interested in building a line of unique products with us over a very short period of time. A company that we could work with directly and that we instantly felt had the same understanding of how the SoleShot battery should work.

We were taken by their professional approach having all processes in-house. It is a huge advantage resulting in a much better and effective workflow that leaves us with a high-quality product that we know will work effortlessly for you.

Our Chinese partner is listed on the Chinese Stock Exchange and produces electronic hardware to big global companies and therefore already has strict security and quality procedures which of-course are all applicable to SoleShot as well.

To secure the process of producing SoleShot, we have established a Chinese branch which controls the production. They are our daily security that our production flow, high standards, and code of conduct are being met.