“The SoleShot Charger saved my day totally. I was on a one day trip back and forth to London without my computer. So I had been Face Timing and answering a lot of Emails when I suddenly realised my iPhone was very low on battery. This was not good as I needed to arrange my train-ride and contact my husband in order to get back home. I was once again happy to have the SoleShot Charge so I could stay on-line”
Ruth Kramer
Interior Designer // Switzerland
“I love the design and the functionality of the The SoleShot. It’s like an App that fits your iPhone perfectly”
Veronika Harder
Architect // Germany
“The SoleShot is as useful as your favorite app. It enhances the performance of your mobile phone to almost the double effect”
Iain Ainsworth
Founder of White Line Hotels // London

“Two in one. I’ve never seen a plug like this before. It is an amazing product that makes it possible for me to keep my office (my smartphone) open even longer.”

Dennis Jørgensen
Traveling Business Man // Copenhagen

“This small device saved my day and I have now purchased more so I always keep some close to me when I am out travelling.”

Greg Holder
Businessman // Birmingham

“I just love that the SoleShot is pre charged and ready for use when I purchase it. It has now become my favorite way of charging my phone because I can still use it while charging and the low weight just makes it a perfect way of charging.”

Henrik Thomsen
Head Hunter // Aarhus Denmark

“I was so lucky that I got my first SoleShot at a fair as a present. It toke me some time to figure out which company was behind this great little lifesaver. I have now ordered some SoleShots with my company logo which I now pass on to my customers at fairs and other occasions. I can highly recommend this – It is an amazing “give away”.”

Ulf Richter
EF Furniture // Dusseldorf