Who we are


Let’s face it! It’s basically the same values that help describe any well-functioning modern organization: “Innovative”. “Open Minded”. “Taking Care”. “Honest”. “Fun”. What makes the difference, however, is how you define every single value and how you live by them. What matters is how everyone in the organization relates to the individual value. How they respect it.

We believe that at the end of the day what makes you stand out is how you think, which in turn influences on how you act. And how you go about as a person or company defines your destiny.

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“Innovative” means taking something that is already there and making it better. It means understanding the times we live in and the needs of the modern consumer and combining it with what we are offering.

Being “open-minded” is literally having an open mind to other people as the greatest kind of respect you can offer someone. Really listening and trying to understand what they are telling you. Often you think you know what is being said and then you stop listening.You have already made up your mind before having heard the other person through. That is the opposite of being open-minded.

“Taking care” means that you think ahead. In regard to your fellow man, empathy is the word, and in regard to the environment, taking care means doing what we can to minimize resources used to produce, transport and sell a SoleShot.

Being “Honest” is sort of a stupid value when you think about it. We admit that. Because it is not credible that someone states about himself that he is an honest person. Your subconscious tells you to doubt that.
In our company, it means that everyone can speak his mind. You’ll never get fired for saying what you think despite the fact that it might be unpopular. Instead, you risk getting fired for not giving your honest opinion.

“Having Fun”. Some say that a smile is the shortest distance between two people. Working while having a good time makes life much better. It also means that we are serious and professional about what we do but we accept that the World could live without it. So why do we do it at all? Because the alternative is worse. Someone without the same set of values as ours producing batteries at a large scale that have the potential of damaging our Blue Planet.

Jacob Fisker and Lars Thygesen. Lifelong friends