Who we are


Even though you probably feel you are in control of your life, you sometimes, by coincidence, meet people who have a profound impact on the rest of your life. You fall in love. You are taken by a personality. Are inspired by someone or something. You find common interests and share ideas. Visions form and become a mission. The basics of a new company. The SoleShot company. A quirky name to a simple and straightforward product that anyone with a smartphone needs: A well designed, perfectly functioning, long lasting and environmentally friendly rechargeable battery pack that keeps your mobile devices going when you need it.

Establishing the SoleShot company was life changing

When life-long mates, Jacob and Lars, in 2017 sold their separate companies in the international fashion industry, a new adventure began to take form. It was time to work with something else.

To create a product that had the potential of becoming a part of the modern consumer culture. A culture where consumers expect and are used to having an instant answer to their demands. Quick, accessible information and services which all serve the purpose of making people’s lives better. Just like smartphones, Uber, Spotify or apps.

And it started with a kiss. Actually, a kiss, which was never given because of a stressful morning when Lars was leaving his family to go on a business trip to Hong Kong. Already at the airport, missing his wife and regretting the hasty departure, he feels the urge to send her an “I-love-you-text” but finds his smartphone “dead”. Useless. He had forgotten to charge it.

Depressed he realizes that he has to endure a long flight before being able to reach out and talk to his family again.
Looking around on his fellow passengers, Lars gets the feeling that some might have the same problem, and slowly the idea of SoleShot forms.

“Sole” meaning a single and “Shot” a powerful charge, enabling you to stay connected when you need it the most. And having worked in fashion, Lars also thought it should be a smart device. Easy to bring along. But also well-designed and cool to look at as a natural extension of his iPhone.

Having arrived safely in Hong Kong Lars did not only call his wife but also his friend Jacob and soon after SoleShot was born.